Bulldogs News · Mount Zion Bulldogs get invited to the first day of training camp for the Atlanta Falcons.

Mount Zion High’s football team got the hang out behind the scenes of the Atlanta Falcons first day of training camp. Our players were given access usually reserved for players family. The team met with Thomas Dimtrov and Dan Quinn where they stressed the importance of having a sense of urgency with everything thing they do. The Falcons really rolled out the red carpet. They treated us to breakfast and gave every person a hat and bag. We were allowed to stand on the sideline during the live drills and several players came over and hung out with our kids. Harry Douglas a former falcons player that graduated from Clayton County spent a lot of time with our guys. On the way out the team equipment manager blessed up with three bags full of shoes for our team. Thanks Falcons for truly trying to make a difference in the community.